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June 2024

SPLA carries out new attacks against Moroccan occupation bases in Galta sector

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Bir Lahlou, June 30, 2024 (SPS) - Units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) continue their attacks against the positions of Moroccan occupation soldiers along the wall of shame.

Units of the SPLA  Sunday targeted the Moroccan occupations bases in the Aidiyat area of the Galta sector with concentrated shelling.

Since November 13, 2020, the attacks of the SPLA have continued, targeting the strongholds of the Moroccan occupation forces, including support and logistics bases and command centers.

São Paulo Forum approves resolution supporting Sahrawi people's right to self-determination and independence

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Tegucigalpa (Honduras), June 30, 2024 (SPS) - The São Paulo Forum, meeting in its plenary session on June 27th under the presidency of the President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, approved a resolution supporting the Sahrawi people's right to self-determination and independence, in accordance with the relevant United Nations and Security Council resolutions.

Sahrawi delegation participates in conference of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and São Paulo Forum

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Tegucigalpa (Honduras), June 30, 2024 (SPS) - A Sahrawi delegation participated in the Social Conference of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and the São Paulo Forum, held from June 27 to 29 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Sahrawi delegation included the representative of the Polisario Front in Brazil, Ahmed Moulay Ali, and the representative of the Polisario Front in Argentina, Mohamed Ali Ali Salem, who held intensive meetings with prominent figures, heads of delegations, and participating organizations.

Cantabria hosts group of Sahrawi children as part of Vacations in Peace program

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Santander, June 29, 2024 (SPS) - The Spanish region of Cantabria will host eighty Sahrawi children as part of the Vacations in Peace program, which began Saturday. Through this program, these children will spend their summer vacation in Spain, hosted by Spanish families who are in solidarity with the Sahrawi people and their just cause.

The group will arrive on Sunday, with the organization Cantabria for  Free Sahara responsible for 60 of the children, and the organization Cantabria El Auda responsible for the other 20, according to a press release.

Sahrawi Embassy in Algiers held  farewell ceremony honoring Chargé d'Affaires of South African Embassy in Algeria

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Algiers, June 28, 2024 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Embassy in Algiers held a farewell ceremony honoring the Chargé d'Affaires of the South African Embassy in Algeria, Mr. Sello Patrick Rankhumise, upon the completion of his term in Algeria.

The ceremony was attended by 17 ambassadors from Africa, Latin America, and Asia who are accredited to Algeria, as well as the President of the Algerian National Committee for Solidarity with the Sahrawi People and members of the Diplomatic Forum for Solidarity with the Sahrawi People, which Mr. Rankhumise its Coordinator.

National Council organizes protest against French energy company Engie's involvement in plundering Western Sahara resources

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National Council, June 27, 2024 (SPS) - On the sidelines of the closing of its spring session, the National Council on Thursday organized a protest stand against the looting of national Sahrawi resources and the involvement of the French energy company Engie in the Moroccan occupation's colonial policies in Western Sahara and the aggression against the Sahrawi people.

During the stand, the National Council issued a statement denouncing the involvement of the French company Engie in the looting of Western Sahara's resources.

Algerian Foreign Minister receives President of Austrian-Sahrawi Friendship Group in Vienna

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Vienna, June 26, 2024 (SPS) - Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Mr. Ahmed Attaf, received, today, the President of the Austrian-Sahrawi Friendship Group, Mrs. Karin Schiele, as part of his official visit to the Federal Republic of Austria, according to a statement from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Minister of Trade renews Sahrawi Republic's determination to effectively contribute to the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area

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Zanzibar (Tanzania), June 26, 2024 (SPS) – The Sahrawi Trade Minister Mr. Ahmed Bashir Ami Amar, confirmed that the government of the Sahrawi Republic is determined to have a strong will to effectively contribute to the embodiment of African economic integration through its readiness to participate continentally in the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Spanish Parliament votes in favor of motion correcting Government's position on Western Sahara issue: "Support for Justice and Legitimacy of the Cause"

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Madrid, 24 June 2024 (SPS) - Mr. Salamo Hammoudi Bachri, Head of Political Affairs at the Polisario Front Office in Spain, affirmed that the Spanish Parliament's vote on a motion calling for a correction of the government's position on the Western Sahara issue is a new "setback" for the ruling Socialist Party and a confirmation of full support for the legitimacy of the just Sahrawi cause, UN resolutions, and the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

Work on tradition of submitting annual report on Moroccan violations in Western Sahara at UN Human Rights Council

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Geneva (Switzerland), 24 June 2024 (SPS) - The representative of the Polisario Front to the United Nations and international organizations in Geneva, Ubbi Bushraya Bashir, emphasized that presenting an annual report on the human rights situation in the occupied Western Sahara for the first time within the UN Human Rights Council is the beginning of a process that is being worked on to become an annual tradition in order to ensure the documentation of the serious violations committed by the Moroccan occupation and to present them to the world through the Council.

President Brahim Ghali supervises celebrations marking 54th anniversary of historic Zemla uprising, National Day of Missing

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Wilaya of Smara, 23 June 2024 (SPS) - President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, Mr. Brahim Ghali, supervised Saturday  in the wilaya of Smara the celebrations marking the 54th anniversary of the historic Zemla uprising and National Day of the Missing.

The event, which was organized by the Secretariat of Political Organization of the Polisario Front, was attended by members of the National Secretariat and government, the General Staff of the Army, and a large crowd of the citizens of the wilaya of Smara.

Polisario Front Representative in Argentina denounces oppressive policies of Moroccan occupation against Sahrawi people

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Buenos Aires, 23 June 2024 (SPS) - The Polisario Front representative in Argentina, Mohamed-Ali Ali-Salem, has denounced the oppressive policies and human rights abuses practiced by the Moroccan occupier against unarmed Sahrawis in Western Sahara.

This came during a meeting held by Mohamed-Ali Ali-Salem with the Secretary General of the Cordoba Press and Communication Union, Maria Ana Mandakovic, in the presence of Assistant Secretary Miguel Apontes and a number of union members.

SPLA targets Moroccan military headquarters in Mahbes sector

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Bir Lahlou (Liberated Territories), June 22, 2024 (SPS) - Units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) targeted a military headquarters of the Moroccan occupation forces in Mahbes sector, causing heavy casualties in lives and equipment among occupation army.

Establishment of Media Network in Solidarity with Sahrawi People in Argentina

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Buenos Aires , 21 June 2024 (SPS) - Journalists and media professionals gathered at the headquarters of the Workers' Central in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, to unify efforts and establish a media network to disseminate developments in Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, in Argentine media.

Namibian President renews his country's position in support of the Sahrawi People's just struggle for independence and freedom

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Windhoek (Namibia), June 20, 2024 (SPS) - The new Namibian President, Mr. Nangolo Mbumba, renewed his country's position in support of the Sahrawi people's just struggle for freedom, independence and self-determination.

The Namibian President explained, during receiving the Ambassador of the Sahrawi Republic accredited to Namibia, Mr. Hamdi Khalil Meyara, that Namibia is determined to maintain its position on the Sahrawi issue until the completion of the decolonization of Western Sahara, which is considered the last colony on the African continent.