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Attempts to introduce huge quantities of illegal drug via Moroccan border

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Algiers, 30 June 2022 (SPS) - Attempts to introduce huge quantities of cannabis resin amounting to more than 11 quintals via Morocco were foiled by combined detachments of the Algerian People’s National Army from 22 to 28 June, the Algerian Ministry of National Defense said Wednesday in an operation report.
As part of the fight against organized crime and “the intense efforts aimed at foiling the drug trafficking scourge in our country, combined detachments of the People’s National Army “arrested, in coordination with the different security services, at the 2nd and 3rd Military Regions, 30 drug traffickers and thwarted attempts to introduce huge quantities of cannabis resin through the border with Morocco, amounting to 11 quintals and 53kg,” said the source.
“Nineteen (19) other drug traffickers, possessing 44kg of cannabis resin and 173,221 psychotropic tablets, were arrested in various operations carried out in the different Military Regions,” added the source. (SPS)