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10th Congress of UJSARIO: Participants in international conference of solidarity with Sahrawi youth commit themselves to transmit message of Saharawi people

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Boudjadour (refugee camps), 22 May 2022 (SPS) - Participants in the international conference of solidarity with the Sahrawi youth, representing foreign organizations, pledged Sunday in Boudjadour (Sahrawi refugee camp), to convey the message of the Sahrawi people and make known their suffering in international fora.
Approached by APS on the sidelines of the conference, Salah Thouabta, representative of the Palestinian delegation, expressed, on behalf of the group of the Ghaza Strip, "unconditional and absolute" solidarity with the Sahrawi people and their struggle for freedom and independence.
He affirmed he is "in solidarity with the Sahrawi activists in the territories occupied by Morocco who are exposed to various abuses, violations and arbitrary arrests by the Moroccan colonial forces.
"We firmly believe in the legitimate struggle of the Sahrawi people for their just cause and we are convinced that one day the Sahrawi people will snatch its freedom and independence on its land," said the Palestinian representative, calling on the international community on the necessary to protect the Sahrawi people living on its land occupied by Morocco and to hold the Moroccan authorities accountable for the crimes committed against the defenseless Sahrawi citizens.
The representative of the Spanish Labour Commission, Adriane Gonionne, for his part, placed "full responsibility on the international community for the continued suffering of the Sahrawi people," before calling for "an immediate end to colonization.
"It is our duty today to force Moroccan colonialism out of the Saharawi territories by unifying the visions of the different parties in solidarity with the Sahrawis and believing in the justness of their cause," Gonionne said.
"The official Spanish position can in no way influence the position of the Spanish people on the Sahrawi issue, which continues to reiterate its solidarity, to convey the message of the Sahrawi people and to echo the suffering of the latter on the international scene.
The representative of the socialist movement and freedom of Argentina, Robin Zanov, expressed, for his part, his position of support for the Sahrawi cause and the people who, he said, "deserves, like other peoples of the world, a decent life in freedom and independence.
Mr. Zanov reiterated his commitment to continue to campaign alongside the Sahrawi people and work to make its voice widely heard, put pressure on the Moroccan kingdom and recover the stolen right of the Sahrawi people.
Initiated within the framework of the 10th Congress of the Youth Union of Seguia El Hamra and Rio de Oro (UJSARIO), this conference was full of presentations by delegations from various countries, including Spain, Germany, Canada, United States of America (USA), Sweden, Ghana, Yemen and Palestine.
The presentations focused on international solidarity with the Sahrawi people and on the denunciation of human rights violations in the occupied Sahrawi territories.
The work of the Congress continues for the third day with the constitution of a commission to supervise the electoral operation of the Secretary General and the Executive Board of UJSARIO, after adoption, by the participants in the meeting, of the work of the Congress committees.
Some 500 delegates representing the various members of the UJSARIO, in addition to nearly 150 guests, take part in the Congress.