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Initiative to end the mistreatment of political prisoner Haddi

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London, 20th Apr 2022 (SPS) - The non-governmental organization (NGO) Amnesty International has called on human rights defenders to send a letter to the head of the Moroccan government urging him to put an end to the ill-treatment inflicted on the Sahrawi political prisoner, Mohamed Lamine Haddi, member of the "Gdeim Izik" group, held in solitary confinement since 2017, when he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
The NGO has made available to those interested in this initiative a model letter to be sent to the Moroccan occupation authorities in which it calls on them "to put an end to the ill-treatment inflicted on Mohamed Lamine Haddi (...), and to remove him from solitary confinement".
She urges the Moroccan government to “grant his immediate access to adequate medical care, regular and unimpeded access to his family and lawyer and to ensure that his conditions of detention comply with international law and standards.” .
Amnesty International also urges the head of the Moroccan government "to take all measures to ensure that a new fair trial for Mohamed Lamine Haddi and the other prisoners of Gdeim Izik takes place quickly before an ordinary civil court, in accordance with international law" .SPS