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Establishment of Japan’s association of support to Saharawi people

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Tokyo (Japan), June 19, 2019 (SPS) - Tokyo hosted the establishment of the "Friends of Western Sahara in Japan" association to promote activities to raise awareness of the Sahrawi struggle for self-determination and independence.
The association "Friends of Western Sahara in Japan", composed of professors, journalists and members of non-governmental organizations, has among its objectives to denounce the serious situation of human rights in the occupied areas of Western Sahara, to denounce the illegal exploitation of Saharawi natural resources and organize political activities to involve the government of Japan in the efforts aimed at a just and definitive solution.
Keiko Shingo, a member of the association, said in statements to SPS that "for the association will appeal the government of Japan to act on its foreign policy to end the suffering of the Saharawi people."
In her article published in the Mainichi Shinbun (毎 日 新聞) newspaper, Keiko Shingo points out that "at the beginning of the UN Peace Plan, Japan offered to cover the cost of the return of the Sahrawi refugees to their homeland. The Western Sahara, endowed with an important wealth in fishing resources, should be a country with which Japan established a solid relationship. "
He also highlighted the importance of Africa-Japan relations, Keiko Shingo points out that "if Japan invites the SADR to TICAD, it would strengthen its relationship of trust with the African countries that respect the SADR as a sovereign State, which would give the act a value incalculable. its decision would be appreciated as an option that contemplates the African continent with a vision of the future. "SPS