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Lakhdar Brahimi highlights need for UN envoys to Western Sahara

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Moscow (Algeria), 20 December 2020 (SPS) - Former Algerian diplomat and UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi,  put forward the key role of the United Nations in the settlement of conflicts in the world, stressing the need for the appointment of UN envoys to Western Sahara.
In an interview with Russia Today, Brahimi said he deeply regretted the failure, to date, of the negotiations between the two parties to the conflict (Morocco and Polisario Front), highlighting the constant calls for a return to UN-sponsored negotiations for a mutually agreed settlement.
"I think that if Morocco had negotiated in good faith with the Polisario Front in the same way as it did with the United States for two years on Western Sahara, it would have been better for the both sides of the conflict.         
He added that "the UN Secretary-General was too late in appointing an envoy for the region."
"The Security Council is not in a position to assume its responsibility for the security and peace in the world, resulting in the failure of its members to agree on a Western Sahara envoy. This is very unfortunate". (SPS)