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South Africa: so-called “group of friends of Western Sahara” doesn’t want “to reach consensus”

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New York (United Nations) 31 October 2020 (SPS)- South Africa criticized Security Council methods of work when it comes to adopting resolutions on Western Sahara, considering the process undemocratic and accusing the so-called “group of friends of Western Sahara” of imposing draft resolutions and rejecting member states inputs.
In its explanation of it abstention from voting the new Security Council's resolution on Western Sahara, South Africa, criticized the working methods on Western Sahara in the Security Council, recalling that “it has consistently raised its concerns that the “negotiating process” of the draft resolution, through the Group of Friends remains an obstacle to making progress on the Western Sahara file and undermines the working methods of the Council.”
South Africa revealed that usually “a draft text is presented to Council Members who have to accept it as a fait accompli despite the fact that the majority of us have been elected to serve on the Security Council and have the responsibility to engage on every matter on the Council’s agenda.”
It should be recalled here that the so-called group of friends of Western Sahara is composed of the US, as the pen-holder, plus Russia, UK, France and Spain.
South Africa further stressed that “this is the only mandate that is negotiated in this manner and is not considerate of the views, particularly of African Member States, that are excluded from the Group of Friends. In this regard, unlike other Council outcomes, there was once again no real attempt to reach a compromise on the contentious paragraphs so that we can be assured of a balanced text reflective of the views of all Council members. Let us be clear there is no attempt to reach consensus,” South Africa slams. (SPS)
090/500/60 (SPS)