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Sahrawi army ready to liberate all occupied territories (Chief of Staff)

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Algiers, 13 Nov 2021 (SPS) -  The Chief of Staff of the Sahrawi Army, Mohamed Al-Wali Akeik, affirmed that the Saharawi army is fully prepared to liberate all occupied Sahrawi territories and regain independence, calling on all commercial companies not to invest in the occupied territories "being a war and insecurity zone".
In a statement to APS on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the violation of the ceasefire by Morocco on November 13, 2020 in El Guerguerat, Mr. Mohamed Al-Wali Akeik said that the Sahrawi army celebrates this anniversary as a "winner" and this since the resumption of the 2nd liberation war where it inflicted on the occupation forces considerable human and material losses.
He affirmed that the Sahrawi army is ready to continue the armed struggle until the recovery of independence, pledging to "extend the battle beyond the separation wall".
The Saharawi military official, who took office at the head of the Sahrawi army almost a week ago, said that the latest resolution of the UN Security Council was "a great disappointment" for the Sahrawi people, as it showed that there is no will to decolonise the last colony in Africa. Thus, the Saharawi people have no choice but to continue the military escalation," he added.
After affirming that the Sahrawi army is, more than ever, ready to "make sacrifices for its country and fight the occupier whatever the strength of its alliances or the performance of weapons and technologies it holds, the same official said: "the worst is yet to come for the Moroccan army of occupation which accumulates defeats.
The Polisario Front announced last February that 3 Moroccan soldiers had been killed in attacks carried out by the Saharawi army in the region of Djbel Ouarkziz (southern Morocco).
Mr. Akeik expressed surprise that Morocco continues to deny the existence of a war in Western Sahara, while the international media has reported, with pictures and videos, the battles taking place in Western Sahara.
"The occupation army is in a real stalemate because of the losses it suffers daily and has been forced to call on its historical allies, notably France and Israel, which provide it with the most modern technologies, information and financial support," the Sahrawi official said, stressing that despite this, Morocco has failed to confront the Sahrawi struggle.