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Morocco: Thousands of persons demonstrate in Casablanca against social inequalities

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Casablanca (Morocco), 24 February 2020 (SPS) - Several thousands of persons on Sunday demonstrated in the streets of Casablanca (west of Morocco) to denounce social inequalities and the high cost of living, reported media quoting local sources.
The marchers protested against unemployment, the high cost of living and the breakdown of public services while demanding the release of political prisoners.
The march was organized by the “Moroccan Social Front”, a group bringing together four left parties, as well as trade union organizations like the Democratic Confederation of Labour (CDT) and associations like AMDH (human rights).
"The demonstration of the Moroccan Social Front was organized to say stop antisocial policies, degradation of human rights and the policies that have led to the degradation of purchasing power," said Ali Boutwala, an FSM member quoted by AFP.
A call for the release of all political detainees including those of the "Rif hirak" (Countryside Popular Movement) was launched by the demonstrators.
The date of the march coincides with the anniversary of the February 20 Movement, a protest movement that had agitated Morocco in 2011.
Three years ago, the Rif hirak’s protests began after the atrocious death of Mohcine Fikri, a fish seller who was crushed in a dumpster while trying to recover his goods seized by the authorities. (SPS)