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Occupied Dakhla: Saharawi citizen injured due to landmine explosion

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Dakhla (occupied territories), Sept 28, 2013 (SPS) - The Saharawi citizen Haidala Ould Azrug Al-Mousaoui was injured Thursday due to landmine explosion, 350 Km south of the occupied city of Dahkla, according to the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Diaspora.

Haidala Ould Azrug Al-Mousaoui, 28 years, was seriously injured and exposed to burns on the level of his head and feet, said the same source.

It was after he lost consciousness, as a result of severe bleeding, that he been transferred to the civil hospital in the occupied city of Dakhla, added the source.

Al-Mousaoui described the move as “inhumane”.

The Moroccan military hospital’s doctor forced the Saharawi citizen to leave the hospital in a very serious condition.

Moroccan forces of occupation have, since its military invasion of Western Sahara in 1975, planted thousands of internationally banned mines in the Saharawi territories, and make no effort to protect the defenseless Saharawi civilians from its risks. (SPS)