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EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, scandalous and disgraceful

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AWSERD (Saharawi refugee camps), December 30, 2013 (SPS) - The fisheries agreement concluded recently between the European Union (EU) and Morocco for the "illegal" exploitation of Western Sahara’s fisheries resources is "scandalous and disgraceful," said Monday in Awserd the representatives of international youth organizations.


In his address on the sidelines of the 7th International Conference of Solidarity with Saharawi People and Youth, President of the Spanish Youth Council Ricardo Ibarra said that the fisheries agreement concluded in early December between the EU and Morocco is "disgraceful and illegal," as it "violates" the international laws.


He also condemned "all abuses and violations perpetrated by the Moroccan occupying forces under the noses of the international community, which spare no effort to end a stale and anachronistic situation of the 21st century."


"It is unfair and unacceptable that young Saharawi people are still rotting in Moroccan prisons, just because they claim their right to freedom and independence," he said.


For Evin Incir, in charge of foreign affairs of the Swedish Democratic Social Youth Party, the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement is a "scandal," calling for an "increased mobilization" of the international community to "restore the Saharawi people’s wealth plundered by Morocco." (SPS)