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Self-determination is solution to Western Sahara issue (Algerian Foreign Minister)

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Paris, December 31, 2013 (SPS) -  Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra highlighted that the solution to the Western Sahara issue is to enable Sahrawi people to exercise self-determination.  


In an interview with monthly magazine Africa Asia in its edition of January to be issued Tuesday,  the Algerian chief diplomat said "whether the question of Palestine and the Western Sahara, self-determination is the solution."


With regards to the role of Algeria in its consistent policy of support for liberation movements, decolonization and the principle of self-determination, Lamamra said that thanks to the "commitment and action" that the Algerian people managed to free themselves from the colonial yoke.


"Undoubtedly, this heroic struggle marked indelibly, contemporary history enriching the international law of the principle of self-determination that is well established in international relations," he said.


"The application of the democratic principle of self-determination of peoples will ensure the rights of these peoples and to ensure the sustainability of peace in their areas, because it will be a peace built on strong and healthy bases," he added. (SPS)