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The Saharawi Government announces new measures to face the world coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

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Chahid El-Hafed, March 19, 2020 (SPS) - the Saharawi Government has announced a series of measures for its immediate implementation in order to face this unprecedented health crisis worldwide that is causing difficult times for all countries in the world.
The National Committee for Monitoring and Prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has issued a statement informing the entire population about the measures to be followed in the refugee camps, in the liberated areas and in the occupied areas.
It has announced the closure of land borders from today, March 19, 2020, until further notice. Only citizens who have causes of force majeure or a situation of need will be allowed to transit.
Regarding the liberated areas of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, the National Committee, in coordination with the different military regions, calls upon all the population residing in the liberated areas to respect the measures and stay in their places of residence. The entry or exit of the different municipalities is canceled until further notice.
The Armed Forces and health authorities work for the "conditioning" and provision of physical spaces for citizens who must undergo quarantine.
Transit to or from the Algerian city of Tindouf is restricted. Only justified cases will be allowed through the following institutions:
Ministry of Public Health.
The Ministry of Commerce will take the pertinent measures to guarantee essential goods. Coordination with the Algerian authorities will also be maintained to guarantee fuel supply.
The Ministry of Security and Documentation will be responsible for issuing permits for special or urgent missions.
The measures of the Government announce the cancellation of all scheduled events and the closure of public places to avoid the crowding of citizens. Transit between the different wilayas is restricted.
The entire population is urged to comply with the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Public Health to avoid infections.
Taking care of personal hygiene, avoiding physical contact, keeping the recommended distance and avoiding meetings are fundamental measures.
In case of feeling symptoms such as fever, cough or respiratory difficulties, the health authorities ask to immediately inform the nearest health center.
The National Committee has reported the existence of special centers to comply with the preventive quarantine. The Committee requests that all those from abroad comply with the quarantine to protect family members and the general population.
The awareness-raising actions for the population will be intensified so that they are informed and avoid the spread of fear among citizens.
According to the latest data, 220,911 confirmed cases, 9,079 deaths and 85,048 healed have already been counted worldwide.
The African Union, where there are already 34 countries with infected cases, counts 640 positive cases on the continent. Egypt and South Africa are the most affected countries.
In Europe, the rapid spread of the virus is causing difficult times and the countries of the old continent continue to take forceful measures to curb the contagion curve.
Italy and Spain, with 36,728 and 17,325 cases respectively, are the country’s most afflicted by the global pandemic.SPS