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"National liberation war resumed to drive out the occupier and will not stop until its occupation ends” Bachir Mustafa Sayed

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Chahid Al-Hafed, Dec, 02, 2020 (SPS) – Frente POLISARIO and Minister of the Presidency in charge of Political Affairs, Mr. Bachir Mustafa Sayed, declared “the date of November 13, 2020 a turning point in the Sahrawi national struggle, reflected in the operations of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army and the general mobilization of the Sahrawis in support of the decision of the POLISARIO to resume the armed struggle”, emphasizing “the new war has every reason for success.
In statements made to the Saharawi Press Agency (SPS), the Saharawi official said “the war of national liberation returns due to the illegal breach of El Guerguerat and the Moroccan violation of the ceasefire, as well as due to the indifference of the UN, despite signs of an imminent war”.
The senior Saharawi official pointed out “the decision of the Frente POLISARIO to end the ceasefire signed with Morocco was not a surprise, since it was preceded by several indications and warnings made to the UN, including decision taken by the last congress of the Frente POLISARIO on the non-engagement in any future political process that is not based on the decisions of international legality on Western Sahara.
“Morocco is solely responsible for the current situation, after its violation of the ceasefire on November 13 in the El Guerguerat area, and so far UN has not taken seriously, nor has shown commitment, to the implementation of its peace plan. For this reason, we consider that any future implication in the peaceful solution of the conflict will be under the new logic of the Sahrawi war, based on the principle of entering into negotiations while the liberation war continues”. SPS