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Polisario Front welcomes recent UN Security Council resolution

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Shaheed Al-Hafed,  April 30, 2017 (SPS) - The Permanent Office of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front has welcomed Resolution 23 51 of the UN Security Council on 28 April 2017, recalling the need to complete the decolonization of Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, for peace and stability in the world.
During a meeting Saturday chaired by the President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Ghali, the Permanent Office commended the spirit of responsibility of the Security Council by adhering to the charter and resolutions of the United Nations and emphasizing its responsibilities towards the Western Sahara issue, to allow the Sahrawi people to enjoy their right to self-determination and independence, like all colonized peoples and countries.
It praised  the objective and responsible involvement of the Security Counci with the fallacies by which known parties attempted to circumvent the legal nature of the conflict and misrepresent facts, which deliberately ignored the blatant Moroccan breach of the Ceasefire Agreement and the Military Agreement No. 1 in the Guerguerat region by opening a crossing outside the military wall, and the paving of a road in the buffer zone, looting the natural resources of the region, and exporting drugs, through which it provides the terrorist groups active in the Sahel and West Africa to continue to commit their crimes and threaten the security and stability of important parts of the continent. (SPS)