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Western Sahara: Absence of clear, firm position of Security Council, bodes ill

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Algiers, Sept 27, 2016 (SPS) - The Sahrawi President and Secretary General of Polisario Front, Brahim Gali said that the "absence of a clear and firm position" of the United Nations Security Council in the face of Morocco's violation of its decisions, would result in "dangerous developments" that would threaten peace, security and stability in the whole region.
"The Moroccan occupying forces have launched, on Friday 23 September 2016, works for the extension of a section of the road in the buffer strip," said Sunday President Gali in a letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.
"The construction works, which continued on Saturday 24 September 2016, punctuated with the flying of a military aircraft over the area, is a new provocative action reflecting a malicious intent to continue in stubbornness and create tensions, despite the repeated calls, including Ban Ki-moon's call for the immediate halt of all construction works in the buffer strip," added the Sahrawi president.added Sahrawi president
The construction works "aim at causing a deliberate escalation, because they are a flagrant and continuous violation of the military agreement N°1 of the ceasefire agreement, signed between Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco, under the aegis of the UN," he said.
The Sahrawi president underlined that the "absence of a strong, clear and firm position of the Security Council in the face of (Morocco's) violation of its decisions, would encourage such irresponsible behaviours and would lead to dangerous developments, which would threaten peace, security and stability in the whole region."SPS