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Repatriation of Spanish aid workers from the Saharawi camps strengths Morocco, says Francisco Palacios

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Madrid, August 15, 2012 (SPS) Professorof Constitutional Law at the University of Zaragoza and  President of the Aragon Observatory of Human Rights in Western Sahara, Francisco Palacios has affirmed on Tuesday  that the decision of the Spanish government to repatriate aid workers from the Saharrawi refugee camps strengths Morocco.


At a press conference after participating in a trip to Saharawi refugee camps along with 30 other representatives of Spanish associations", FranciscoPalacios has called "very serious" the decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo, accusing him of "ignorance" and "bad intention" and "service of other interests"



He added that the minister "should be worry about permanent and daily kidnapping of Sahrawis in the occupied territories, of torture, humiliation, disappearances, murders, military trials, that should be the imminent concern of the  minister"


Pointing out to the trip made from 7 to 11 August to the refugee camps by representatives of other pro-Sahrawi associations,  Palacios stated "we have entered, we've stayed and left without any problems." SPS