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Labelling products coming from occupied Western Sahara territories: EU called for more “consistency”

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Brussels, December 7, 2015 (SPS) - Minister Delegate for Europe Mohamed Sidati called on Sunday the European Union (EU) to “show consistency” and called its 28 member States to label the agricultural and industrial goods, fraudulently called “Moroccan,” coming from the occupied Western Sahara and sold in the European market.


“EU, which supports the efforts of the United Nations to reach a fair and lasting solution to the conflict of occupied Western Sahara, providing for the self-determination of the Sahrawi people, must show consistency,” Sidati told APS.


In terms of the international law, he added, “the exploitation of natural resources belongs to the people of Western Sahara (struggling for their right to self-determination).”


The United Nations has always considered Western Sahara as a non-self-governing territory, where the decolonization process is not completed, which means, underlined Sidati, that “the Moroccan sovereignty over western Sahara cannot be recognized.”


The international law “clearly emphasized the need for consultation and agreement of the Sahrawi people for any activity concerning the natural resources, and it should also be beneficial to the Sahrawi people,” he underlined. (SPS)