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Belize to the UN 4th Committee: Western Sahara “is a classic case of justice delayed and justice denied”

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New York (United Nations) 23 October 2020 (SPS)- The Permanent Representative of Belize to the UN, H.E. Ms. Lois M. Young, confirmed in her country’s statement before the 75th Ordinary Session of the UN General Assembly Fourth Committee Thursday that the question of Western Sahara “is a classic case of justice delayed and justice denied.”
She estimated that the Fourth Committee “and the wider United Nations remain duty bound to uphold the rights of the peoples of the non-self-governing territories, particularly, their right to self-determination,” and it is therefore “with deep consternation that my delegation notes the malaise with which the C-24 has approached the question of the Western Sahara.”
She further recalled that Belize is “equally concerned that more than 12 months have expired since the resignation of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General and no replacement has yet been identified much less appointed.”
“Forty-four years have now passed since conflict over the Western Sahara began. Thirty years of those have been dedicated to facilitating a referendum for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara. And still no progress has been made towards the convening of that referendum. Worse yet, as circumstances change on the ground, the chances of a political solution will evaporate,” she regretted.
Belize once again, the diplomat stressed, “publicly expresses its support for the right of the Sahrawi people and the urgent practical need for them to be masters of their own country and their resources.”
She urges “this Committee, the C-24, the Security Council and the Secretary-General to put in place urgently the necessary measures that will enable the Sahrawi people to finally exercise the right to self-determination.”
In closing, Belize diplomat extended her country’s “solidarity to all non-self-governing territories and assures them of Belize’s firm commitment to the full implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence.” (SPS)
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