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Moroccan forces brutally crush peaceful Sahrawi protest

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Glaimim (Morocco), May 9, 2016 (SPS) - Moroccan forces have brutally crushed a peaceful Sahrawi protest claiming an independent investigation into the circumstances of the death of Sahrawi activist Brahim Sikka.
The protest was staged following the call of the coordination of Sahrawi unemployed graduates of the city of Glaimim (south of Morocco), to condemn the killing of the Sahrawi activist by the Moroccan authorities, demand an investigation into the circumstances of his death and bringing to justice those responsible, and to express solidarity with the family of the victim.
The brutal intervention of the Moroccan forces left several injured among the protesters, including Sikka's sister.
The city of Glaimim is under siege since the death of the young Sahrawi activist, in order to prevent any protest denouncing the inhumane crime. (SPS)