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Spanish party reaffirms support for right of Sahrawi people to self-determination

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Madrid, 27 March 2023 (SPS) - The Canary Coalition party has stressed the need to allow the Sahrawi people to exercise its right to self-determination and independence, reaffirming its commitment to continue to defend the just Saharawi cause.
At an election rally in the Canary Islands, party representatives stressed the "need to allow the Sahrawi people to exercise their right to self-determination and independence.
The political party, running for regional and general elections, promised to "continue to defend the just cause of the Sahrawi people, denounce all negative measures taken by the Spanish government (towards the issue) and support the efforts of Spanish partners who want to accompany international legality and international law.
The party also recalled the historical responsibility of Spain towards the issue of Western Sahara "which must be positive with regard to the resolution of the conflict and not by taking decisions and initiating suspicious talks, contrary to international legality.
The political party also encourages Spain to "play its role correctly from the historical and political point of view, away from betrayal and exploitation of the Sahrawi cause in the bidding, extortion and bargaining, since the exploitation of this decolonization issue in this way will not succeed and will only be a moral scandal that history will remember.