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Kenyan president reaffirms support for just Sahrawi cause

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Nairobi (Kenya), 13 October 2022 (SPS) - Kenyan President, Mr. William Samuel Ruto, reiterated his country's support for the just Sahrawi cause and its continued efforts to support the just struggle of the Sahrawi people for freedom and self-determination.
During a reception for the Sahrawi Ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Abah Al-Mud Abdullah, who paid him a farewell visit on the occasion of the end of his duties as ambassador to the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, President William Ruto reaffirmed Kenya's support for the just Sahrawi cause.
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"Our freedom will not be complete without the freedom of the Sahrawi people," the Kenyan president added, stressing, "we will defend your right firmly."
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For his part, the Sahrawi Ambassador to the Republic of Kenya, Mr. Abah Al-Mud Abdullah, commended the principled and courageous position of the sisterly Republic of Kenya, expressing, on behalf of the people and government of the Sahrawi Republic, satisfaction with the level of bilateral relations between the two countries and the convergence of views on various issues.