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Western Sahara: Security Council issues scathing response from Permanent Representative of Algeria to Moroccan representative

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New York (United Nations), 17 July 2022 (SPS) - Permanent Representative of Algeria to the UN, Nadir Larbaoui, in a scathing response published by the Security Council, dismantled and swept aside the false and misleading allegations made by the Moroccan representative in New York, and recalled the historical truths and fundamentals of the conflict in Western Sahara.
Every time the Moroccan representative tries to deviate the Sahrawi issue from its historical realities and seeks to mislead the international community with false statements and unfounded attacks against Algeria, in order to admit the so-called 'autonomy plan' as the only solution to Western Sahara, it is immediately reframed, said Larbaoui.
In his nine-part response, the Algerian ambassador has revealed before the Security Council the extent of the intellectual and political indigence of the Moroccan representative.
Indeed, in response to the letter sent by the Moroccan representative to the Security Council, Ambassador Larbaoui sent a new letter to the President and members of the Security Council as well as to the UN Secretary General.
In his letter, published by the United Nations as an official document of the Security Council, the ambassador made a real plea, without detours and without appeal, in the form and in the substance, by which he deploys a solid argument and shoots at the hackneyed arguments of the representative of Makhzen.
He recalls that the representative of Morocco, the occupying power in Western Sahara has, as was the case in the past, continued to make, inappropriately, direct allegations fallacious and false, accompanied by unacceptable accusations against Algeria.