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Under complicit presence of Moroccan police a truck crushed Khaya family’s house various times to terrorize family and American activists

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Occupied Boujador (Saharawi Republic) 16 May 2022 (SPS)- Various sources from the occupied territories, in addition to photos and videos obtained by the Sahrawi Press Agency (SPS), confirmed that the Moroccan police, late last night, attacked the home of the Khaya family in the occupied city of Boujdour, with a large truck that crashed the walls of the house at least three times, targeting the garage door.
The sources, asserted that the aim of the attack is to intimidate family members, and terrorize the American activist, Ruth McDonough, who has been on a hunger strike in the house since last May 4.
Eyewitnesses reported that the large truck tried to hit the house from the east side first, but was unable to do so due to the narrowness of the street from that side. The Truck then targeted the front side, without any intervention from police, which has been besieging the house and neighboring streets for more than a year and a half so far.
Had it not been for the intervention of the family’s neighbors and a number of Sahrawi citizens who noticed the criminal attack, the truck would have continued its attempts to smash the walls of the house with the people in it. Sahrawi activists on the ground considered this an explicit attempt to assassinate the family members of Khaya, and to intimidate or assassinate the American activist in hunger strike.
Eyewitnesses added that the first police car noticed in the surrounding, passed by the house without paying any attention to the truck trying to destroy it, and after the truck left, the police did not make any attempt to investigate the accident, nor did they stop the truck driver or ask the eyewitnesses for information, which means that the whole operation is deliberate and orchestrated by the authorities.
However, the family members were able to take a picture of the truck, and its plate number, though they do not expect the authorities of occupation to carry out any investigation or arrest the driver. They even expect police will cover up this new crime like the rest of previous crimes Moroccan agents committed against the family members during the whole siege period.
It is worth noting that the American activist, Ruth McDonough, has been on hunger strike since May 4 to protest against the continued Moroccan crimes against Khaya family, demanding the lifting of the siege on the occupied Western Sahara, and to investigate the crimes of the Moroccan occupation against the Sahrawi people.
The American activist is part to US coalition called Just Visit Western Sahara. It is a network of groups and individuals committed to peace and justice for the Saharawi people, protection of their human rights, respect for international law, and encouraging Americans and international travelers to witness the beauty and appeal of Western Sahara and to see the reality of the Moroccan.
The Khaya Sisters are human rights defenders in Western Sahara who advocate against violence towards women and for self-determination of the Saharawi people.  They have been the subject of a siege for more than 500 days and in March were visited by American tourists who have been staying in the home. (SPS)
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