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Polisario Front demands that Spain’s PM "rectify” his position on Western Sahara

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Madrid, 8 May 2022 (SPS) -The Polisario Front demands that Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez "rectify" his position on Western Sahara as his recent volte-face on the Sahrawi issue is against international legality.
Speaking Saturday at the 26th Conference "Peace and Freedom for the Sahrawi People", held in the Parliament of La Rioja (Spain), the Polisario Front Representative in Madrid, Abdullah Arabi, demanded that Pedro Sanchez "rectify" his position on Western Sahara, criticizing the fact that "the Spanish government stands with an occupying force Morocco that distances itself from the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and removes itself from the UN process to seek a solution under international law.
"This volte-face by the Spanish government has been rejected by almost all local and regional authorities because it breaks a consensus that existed in Spain regarding the Sahrawi cause and violates international legality", in addition to being "a unilateral decision not approved by the Parliament.”
He called the new position of the Spanish government a "radical shift" and invited the Spanish regional assemblies to "reaffirm their commitment to the Sahrawi people.”
The Sahrawi diplomat also recalled that the Sahrawi people "have been fighting for their independence for 46 years and the decision of the Spanish government does not change the political and legal status of the issue of Western Sahara.”