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League for Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners denounces poor conditions of detention in Kenitra

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Occupied El Aaiun, 24 April 2022 (SPS) - The League for the Protection of Sahrawi prisoners in Moroccan prisons denounced the poor conditions of detention of Sahrawi political prisoners of the group "Gdeim Izik", Hassan Dah and Zaoui Houssine, on hunger strike in the central prison of Kenitra in Morocco.
In a statement based on the words of the Dah family, the league reported the poor conditions of detention following the isolation of the prisoners since April 3, 2022, as well as the deterioration of their health.
On hunger strike for over 20 days, the two prisoners suffer from pain in the kidneys and stomach, with a slim appearance, according to the text, denouncing medical negligence against them following complications.
The two Sahrawi political prisoners were also banned from using the prison's landline phone for 10 days.
The family itself confirmed that the two Sahrawi political prisoners Hassan Dah and Zaoui Houssine are continuing their hunger strike "until they obtain all their fundamental rights.