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ISACOM condemns all forms of Moroccan aggression against Sahrawis

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Occupied El Aaiun, 18 April 2022 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Instance against Moroccan occupation (ISACOM) "strongly condemned" all forms of aggression carried out Sunday by the Moroccan occupation police against several Sahrawi activists in the occupied city of Boujdour and denounced "the policy of retaliation" against the Sahrawis, committed to their right to self-determination and independence.
Dans un communiqué, l'ISACOM a "condamné fermement toutes les formes d'agression contre Zainab Mubarak Babi, Oum El-Mouminine Abdullah Ibrahim, Fatima Muhammad al-Hafid, Mbarka Muhammad al-Hafid et Hadjetna Abd al-Mawla, menées par des groupes masqués affiliés à la police marocaine dans la ville occupée de Boujdour".
The Sahrawi Body also condemned "the continuation of the policy of reprisals exercised against the Sahrawis who demand the right to a decent life in their country, free and independent.
ISACOM also reported that it has recorded "many forms of violence and harm caused to Sahrawis who are subjected to attacks with batons and beatings on all parts of the body and are often dragged in the street ...". And that "the degrees of violence reach their gravity when women are targeted by these acts".
Moreover, the Body denounced the method of involving Moroccan settlers in the attacks against Sahrawi activists.