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Spain loses its position as gas hub of southern Europe

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Algiers, 13 April 2022 (SPS) - Spain has lost its position as gas hub of the south of Europe, according to the Spanish paper El-Mundo, noting the importance of the gas agreement signed between Algeria and Italy.
By signing an important gas agreement with Italy on Monday, Algeria opts for this friendly country as a big European energy ally to the detriment of Spain which has lost its positions as a gas hub of the South of Europe, said the newspaper.
“Italy is becoming estranged, as it never did, from Spain as a big European partner of Algeria” in terms of gas, wrote El Mundo on Tuesday, underlining that with this colossal agreement and the energy alliance between the two countries, Algeria “opts for this country as a big European energy ally.”
Spain received big quantities of Algerian gas, which would have qualified it to become a big gas platform for Europe, said El Mundo.
However, said the source, at a time when the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi “took advantage of Algeria’s limited additional capacity to increase its gas sales, Spain lost its position as a hub of the South of Europe to supply its partners” in the continent.
Draghi, added the article, is different from the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez concerning the issue of Western Sahara and called for a solution respecting the rights of the Sahrawi people.