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President of Republic calls for high sense of responsibility to meet challenges

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Smara (Refugee Camps), 25 December 2021 (SPS) -The President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, called for a high sense of responsibility to face all the challenges imposed by the status quo and adapt to the latest political and military developments.
Mr Ghali, who visited the refugee camps in Smara, insisted on the importance of showing responsibility and determination to contribute effectively to the efforts to face the challenges of this stage.
Accompanied by Prime Minister Bouchraya Hammoudi Bayoun and head of the Polisario Front's political secretariat, Khatri Addouh, Mr Ghali called for adapting to political and military developments by "showing responsibility in the service of national objectives".
During a meeting with the wali of Smara, Mrs. Meriem Salek Hamada, the focus was on the general situation in this wilaya, including the security, social and political aspects.
The President of the Republic also listened to some concerns raised in the wilaya of Smara where he gave instructions to the authorities to take care of the citizens' concerns.