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Algerians Collective in France alerts on Saharawi people suffering

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Paris, Nov 24, 2021 (SPS) - The Citizen Collective of the Algerian Community established in France has warned of the injustice and suffering endured by the Saharawi people in the occupied territories, calling on the UN Security Council to "apply international law and exert pressure on Morocco so that it puts an end to its colonialist and repressive policy ".
"On behalf of the Algerian Community Collectif in France, I would like to tell you that the hour is serious. Indeed, the Saharawi people are suffering an injustice which has lasted for a very long time. It is unacceptable that this people continues to suffer martyrdom", Collective spokesperson Nacer Khabat indicated in a video, noting that "this is happening with the utter indifference of the UN Security Council".
Before adding: "We appeal to the Security Council to ensure that the UN resolutions are respected, so that the Saharawi people can decide their fate, and exert pressure on Morocco so that it stops its occupation on this people" .
Mr. Khabat believes that "the application of international law is the only political solution in this region of the world whose stability is now called into question", calling "the Security Council to reason and common sense".SPS