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Spanish journalist breaks Moroccan media blackout on Western Sahara war

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Madrid, Nov 18, 2021 (SPS) - The independent Spanish journalist, Axel Alvarez, confirmed during his visit to the liberated Sahrawi territories, the state of war which prevails in the region and praises the Sahrawi fighters and their determination to defeat the Moroccan occupier, calling on UN to intervene to end the conflict in Western Sahara.
"Since Morocco's violation of the ceasefire agreement on November 13, 2020, there is great ambiguity surrounding the information circulating in Spain on the reality of the return to war in Western Sahara, hence the need to lift the media blackout on this affair, "said the Spanish journalist in a Saharawi statement at the end of his visit to the Saharawi refugee camps and the liberated Saharawi territories.
"I visited with the international press, the Sahrawi refugee camps and I moved to the region of Mahbès where we lived and directly followed real military clashes between the units of the Sahrawi army and the Moroccan forces which responded the bombardments by Sahrawi forces all along the sand wall ", separating the occupied territories from the liberated territories of Western Sahara," he added.
During his testimony, the independent journalist also assured to have witnessed the fall of a Moroccan shell near their location in the region of Mahbès, which, according to him, forced the media team to leave the premises places to ensure their safety.
Based on his stay in the region, Alvarez stressed that "the war is an established fact, although Morocco tries to deny it".
In addition, he spoke of the good state of mind he felt among the Saharawi people, in particular the soldiers on the front line.
"I met soldiers on the front line, armed with very good morale and a strong belief in the inevitability of victory, and I felt during my exchanges with them a conviction that the causes righteous always win in the end, ”he said during his testimony.
In this context, the Spanish journalist called on UN to intervene to end the conflict in Western Sahara. "These clashes must force UN to intervene to settle the conflict," he said, noting that "waiting 30 years is not easy and left the Saharawi people no other choice than to resume war "
The Spanish journalist posted photos on his "Instagram" account highlighting aspects of the war he witnessed, one of which shows Frente POLISARIO soldiers attacking a Moroccan military post behind the wall of sand separating the liberated territories from the territories occupied by Morocco in the region of Mahbès.
He specified in particular that this is the first time since last October 14 that the international press has been able to access the Saharawi territories to testify the real existence of the war in this region and to broadcast the armed clashes in sound and images which erupted following Morocco's violation of the ceasefire agreement SPS