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Staffan de Mistura "tied up" by Security Council roadmap

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Algiers, 19 September 2021 (SPS) -The Polisario Front Representative in Europe, Oubi Bouchraya Bachir said that the new Special Envoy of the United Nations (UN) Secretary General for Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, whose mission includes advancing the implementation of solutions to the Sahrawi conflict, "remains tied up by the roadmap that will be drawn by the UN Security Council.”
"As Antonio Guterres' Special Envoy for Western Sahara, his prerogatives give him the means to advance the implementation of solutions to the conflict and to lead negotiations between the two parties, as well as to pool international support," said Bouchraya in an interview with the Russia’s news agency Sputnik on Friday.
Staffan de Mistura "remains nevertheless bound by the roadmap that will be drawn by the Security Council and the "appointment, although important, of a special envoy of the UN Secretary General for Western Sahara is not a major strategic goal in itself.”
"Staffan de Mistura is a diplomat of international stature, whose competence and moral and intellectual probity are irreproachable," said Bouchraya Bachir, stressing that "the Polisario Front has approved his appointment since April.” 
"Morocco managed to delay the appointment of a special envoy in order to maintain the status quo that has lasted for over 30 years and, ultimately, to push the international community to accept its autonomy plan by fait accompli. The Security Council was also slow to act, including its permanent members, who turned their backs on their responsibilities towards Western Sahara” stressed the Sahrawi diplomat.
According to him, "the Security Council, including its permanent members, whose role is to enforce international law, must impose on Morocco compliance with the resolution on the organization of the referendum on self-determination of the Sahrawi people so that the noise of arms ceases forever in the region.”
The "UN, the African Union (AU) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) do not recognize the sovereignty of Morocco over the territory of Western Sahara,” recalled Bouchraya.