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CODAPSO condemns deliberate medical negligence against Sahrawi civilians

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Occupied Aaiún, August 31, 2021 (SPS) - The Committee for the Defense of the Right to Self-Determination of the People of Western Sahara (CODAPSO), a Saharawi Non-Governmental Organization, condemned “deliberate medical negligence against Sahrawi civilians in the occupied zones ”.
In a statement released today, CODAPSO affirmed that it “closely follows the violations committed by the Moroccan occupation authorities against Sahrawi civilians, women, children and men and even people with disabilities in the occupied areas of Western Sahara, which it has even deprived them of prescriptions to treat COVID-19 cases, demonstrating their marginalization to Sahrawi citizens ”.
The Sahrawi NGO also “drew attention to the fact that the rate of cases of the COVID-19 epidemic in the cities of Western Sahara has increased and the death rate has increased among Sahrawi civilians, in particular, at the same time. in light of the lack of hospitals that satisfy the necessary medical needs of the infected and of services provided for this purpose ”.SPS