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French NGO criticizes Moroccan espionage against members and people close to the Association

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Paris (France), July 22, 2021 (SPS) - The Association of Friends of the Saharawi Republic in France, a non-governmental organization that supports the Saharawi people, criticized “the serious operation of the Moroccan intelligence services using the Israeli program of computer espionage "Pegasus" on the phones of several Moroccan and Sahrawi activists, lawyers and journalists, including members and people close to the Association ".
In a statement made public yesterday, the NGO affirms that, “due to the obsession of the Moroccan expansionist regime and its inability to impose its control over Western Sahara, it had no choice but to try with all possible means to prevent expressions of support for the legitimate demands of the Saharawi people in France, including spying on militants, journalists, politicians and lawyers outside its borders, with the aim of influencing their political positions of sympathy with the Saharawi people's struggle ”. SPS