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Sahrawi NGO condemns Moroccan occupation forces crimes against the activist Sultana Sidbrahim Jaya and her family

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Occupied Aaiun, July 14, 2021 (SPS) - The Association for the Protection and Dissemination of Sahrawi Culture and Heritage, a non-governmental organization of the occupied areas, strongly condemned “the continuous and systematic crimes that the repressive apparatuses of the Moroccan occupation forces continue to perpetrate against the human rights activist Sulatana Sidbrahim Jaya and her family, in retaliation for their political positions that demand the freedom and independence of the Saharawi people ”.
In a statement made public today, the Sahrawi NGO mentioned “the various methods of intimidation and repression practiced by the Moroccan occupation forces against the Sidbrahim Jaya family throughout this time, including the systematic attack with dangerous, toxic and smelly liquid substances by of security agents inside the house more than twenty-seven times, which have caused psychological and material to the sahrawi activist Sultana Sidbrahim Jaya. SPS