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BFTU backs Botswana government’s stand on Western Sahara and affirms that Africa cannot be free unless Saharawis are free

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Gaborone (Botswana) 27 May 2021 (SPS)- Botswana Federation of Trade Unions (BFTU) backed Botswana Government’s position on Western Sahara and affirmed that Africa cannot be free as long as Western Sahara is not free, in a Press Statement it issued Today in reaction to Africa Day’s statement of Botswana’s Minister for External relation, Honourable Dr. Lemogang Kwape, widely broadcasted on the country’s Medias last Tuesday 25th may.
“BFTU would like to acknowledge with a deep sense of pride and gratitude the Botswana government’s position on the state of Western Sahara (Saharawi Republic) in its Africa Day message through the Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. Lemogang Kwape,” the text reads.
BFTU recalled that the Minister noted that “it is regrettable that, while the Africa Day celebrations present an opportunity to reflect on our successes and prospects for the future,” some countries on the continent “have not attained their political independence and self- determination such as the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic”. 
BFTU “commends government’s position for aligning with and reiterating a stand that has been maintained by the continental body for a long time. Indeed, there is no justification, politically or morally for a fellow African country to occupy and torment another African territory,” the press release stressed.
The Umbrella trade union affirmed support to the government of Botswana’s view “that Africa must speak with one voice and do everything within its reach to assure the liberation of the last remaining colony in the continent.”
the text further emphasised that BFTU “vehemently believe that Africa cannot be free unless Western Sahara is free.” 
It finally considered that “the continued usurpation of the natural resources of the Saharawi by Morocco must therefore be regarded as a clear act of daylight robbery which must not be condoned by the AU and the world generally.”
It should be recalled that Botswana Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lemogang Kwape, has reiterated his country’s position on Western Sahara, in a statement he delivered Tuesday on the occasion of the celebrations of Africa Day.
Botswana believes that there is “need to continue to speak with one voice to support and stand in solidarity with the people of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic and call for their political emancipation through the African Union, the United Nations, and other relevant bodies,” the Minister noted. (SPS)
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