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Hysteric escalation of repression against civilians in occupied territories of Western Sahara

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Occupied Aaiun, Feb 17, 2021 (SPS) - -Sahrawi human rights activists and journalists report a “hysteric escalation” of systematic repression by Morocco against unarmed Sahrawis.
The Moroccan occupation forces "hysterically accentuate human rights violations against unarmed Sahrawis in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, subjected to an unprecedented security measures deter Sahrawi citizens to go out to demonstrate to demand freedom and independence," told APS Hayat Khatri, correspondent of Sahrawi Television and Radio in the occupied cities.
The journalist referred to "the encirclement by the occupation forces of the homes of Sahrawi civil society activists," saying that "her family’s home located in El-Hachicha is permanently surrounded by Moroccan forces.”
In this regard, she deplored the situation of the human rights activist Soltana Sid Ibrahim Khaya and her sister Ouara Sid Ibrahim Khaya who were violated by Moroccan agents in the occupied Sahrawi city of Boujdour.
"Wearing clothes, soldiers of the Moroccan security services abducted two Sahrawi minors, namely Zakaria al-Rijibi and Akram al-Hanafi. Ali Boufri was the executioner and the two kids were taken to an unknown destination.”
In addition, the journalist referred to the presentation this Monday of civilian detainees Ghali Bouhla and Mohamed Nafeh Boutasoufra before a court "for fabricated charges", saying that the charges against them "are motivated only by their political activism against the presence of the occupation.”
The house of human rights activist Sultana Khaya's family has been under siege for 11 weeks by the Moroccan forces.SPS