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Resumption of war in Western Sahara, no surprise

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Moscow (Russia) Jan 28, 2021 (SPS) - The resumption of war between Morocco and the Sahrawi Republic is not a "surprise" considering the failure of the influent international parties to deal with Western Sahara issue and the procrastination of the international community in getting Morocco to come back to the negotiation table, political analyst Sidi Mohamed Benjaafar said.
In an interview with Russian radio Sputnik on Monday, Benjaafar said "the prevailing tension is not a surprise as the Frente POLISARIO had warned, two years ago, that if Morocco did not return to the negotiation table, all relevant UN agreements would fall apart."
The specter of war was threatening for several months, he said, adding that "Western Sahara people have understood that Morocco does not want to negotiate," hence the escalation.
According to him, "if the situation becomes worse, the international community will certainly take action for a ceasefire and a settlement, but Morocco is betting on the time factor."
In addition, the Sahrawi political analyst said, Morocco's position over Western Sahara "is inconsistent with the international resolutions calling for a referendum on self-determination, as Morocco has submitted its own autonomy plan that is rejected by the Sahrawi people."
Western Sahara people are betting on international and African resolutions that stress the necessity of decolonization and the recognition of the borders inherited from the colonial era." SPS