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Western Sahara: Security Council sends strong message to US, Morocco on decolonization

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Algiers,  Dec 28,  2020 (SPS) – Frente POLISARIO's representative to France, Mohamed Sidati, said the Saharwi people embarked, since November 13, in a second war of liberation, following Morocco's aggression against Saharawi civilians, stressing UN Security Council's recent strong message to the United States and the Moroccan occupier which attempt to derail the decolonization process.
Speaking Monday to the International Radio of Algeria, Sidati said the Saharawi people "return to the path of armed struggle and remain so determined to sacrifice themselves for the recovery of their rights."
The Sahrawi diplomat deplored the worsening situation in the occupied territories in the light of the withdrawal of MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum on Self-Determination) and Morocco’s attempts to muzzle the UN mission and empty the UN resolutions of their contents.
He strongly denounced "France's constant support to Morocco, which crosses the line, escapes sanctions and is protected against any bold UN position and works to impose occupation, by strengthening the wall and silencing the mouths."
The Moroccan occupation has completely ignored the will of the Saharawi people and tried to exploit the patience of Western Sahara people, persisting in its tyranny, before being surprised by the strong response of the Saharawi people, he added.
On outgoing US President Donald Trump's decision to acknowledge Morocco’s alleged "sovereignty" over Western Sahara, the representative of the Frente POLISARIO in France said that "to exchange the right of a people for such sovereignty is an injustice and a tyranny."
"This will not succeed," Sidati stressed, explaining that it will only tarnish Morocco’s reputation as wanting to sell the Palestinian cause in order to confiscate a territory that is not its own.
This recognition, he said, is a "kind of international brigandage" of peoples' rights, which is, he added, especially harmful to the United Stat