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Moroccan scholar Mohammed Cherkaoui threatened because of position

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Washington, 28 December 2020 (SPS) - Moroccan researcher and professor specialized in the matter of conflict settlement in the US University George Mason, Mohammed Cherkaoui said he was the subject of "smear campaign and threats" because of his position on the outgoing US President Donald Trump announcement on Western Sahara.
"Over the last weeks, individuals have been hired or have designated themselves to morally assassinate Mohammed Cherkaoui," said former member of UN Committee of Experts on Facebook.
"It is not my ideas that they are targeting, but my person through direct threats by telephone and by putting me forward to popular anger as an enemy of Morocco and agent in favor of some parties, and many other forms of defamation and denigration,” he continued.
"These attacks, which can no longer continue to be ignored, demand prosecution before Moroccan and American courts for defamation and slander so that justice decides on these well identified and located individuals," he added, stressing that "the law, in both Morocco and in the United States, protects freedom of expression on social networks and the rights of victims in defamation cases."
The Academic had indicated in a contribution on his Facebook account, that Donald Trump's announcement on Western Sahara "had no effect or significance from a legal and political point of view in the American context, and can be easily repealed." (SPS)