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Trump’s proclamation, “international robbery” aimed to destabilize region

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Algiers, 26 December 2020 (SPS) - Representative of the Polisario Front in France Mohamed Sidati underlined Thursday that the recent proclamation of the outgoing US president Donald Trump, to recognize the alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in return for the normalization of relations with the Moroccan system and Israel, is extremely serious and has never happened before, lamenting an “international robbery” aimed at destabilizing the region. 
The agreement between Trump, Morocco and Israel “defies the ethics and values,” Sidati told channel 3, pointing out that it is “indeed an international robbery operation, where the White House has bartered something that it doesn’t possess with those who have no right over these territories.”
This unilateral action “is part of a destabilization and insecurity operation targeting the whole region of the Maghreb and North Africa, through the conflict in Western Sahara,” said Sidati.
While broaching the recent resolution of the UN Security Council, which urges the two parties to the conflict to relaunch the political process to “reach the Sahrawi people’s self-determination, the diplomat affirmed that “even this action isn’t totally up to the expectations of the Sahrawi people,” it reaffirms for all that a certain number of principles on the right to self-determination. (SPS)