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Norway will not let its position on Western Sahara be affected by Trump proclamation

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Oslo (Norway) December 20, 2020 (SAPS) - Norway Foreign Affairs Minister Ine Eriksen reaffirmed that her government stance on Western Sahara issue remains “firm and clearly known” for both parties to the conflict, namely a political solution in conformity with the resolutions of the UN Security Council.
In response to a question by PM Åsmund Aukrust regarding Norway’s position on US recognition of Morocco’s alleged claims over Western Sahara, the minister said her country’s stance “was and will always remain firm”, adding that this position “has not affected” by the recent events on the ground or the recent proclamation by US President Donald Trump regarding Western Sahara.
The head of Norway diplomacy underlined that any step that might complicate the finding of a political solution in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council “is a source of concern”, expressing Oslo’s readiness to support any initiative that would bring the parties to the negotiation table.
Ms. Eriksen emphasized that accelerating the appointment of a new envoy of the UN Secretary General to Western Sahara “remains of major importance”, adding that such mission “has previously proved the importance and role of this constructive path.”
“There is no other viable way to move forward in this issue except through dialogue, negotiations and political process, which requires creating a new dynamic and increasing confidence in the UN-led negotiating track,” stated the Norwegian official.
Concluding her response, the minister said her country will use its position as a basis during its tenure as a member of the Security Council in January 2021, confirming that Western Sahara issue and the next process will be the subject of dialogue between Norway and each of the Security Council member states and with other partners. (SPS)