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Global Aktion and Frit Vestsahara call for referendum of self-determination for Sahrawi people

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Copenhagen Nov 20, 2020 (SPS) - Protesters representing Danish NGOs Global Aktion and Frit Vestsahara have Tuesday organized a demonstration to denounce the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara and the Moroccan violation of the ceasefire agreement signed by the parties to the conflict Frente POLISARIO and the Kingdom of Morocco.
The demonstrations took part in front of the Moroccan Embassy in Copenhagen where activists from the said NGOs along with representatives of Danish political youth parties as well as Member of Parliament, Mr. Christian Juhl chanted slogan such us Referendum Now, the Moroccan regime cannot silence us.
Red-Green Alliance ´s member, Mr.Christian Juhl, in this regard, has question the Danish ministry of foreign affairs about the recent political development in Western Sahara
For her part, Global Aktion´s activist, Mathilde Goldschmidt Anderson has called all Danish to show solidarity with the Sahrawi people highlighting that the Sahrawi people history is a history of occupation, oppression and plundering of their natural resources by Morocco.
“24th November, Danish NGOs Global Aktion and Frit Vestsahara will be hold another demonstration in front of the Danish ministry of foreign affairs to denounce its silence against what is going nowadays in Western Sahara” it should be recalled SPS