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Communiqué: " Saharawi People's Liberation Army has begun to respond with the required firmness"

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Today, Friday, Nov 13,
The Moroccan Armed Forces have deliberately violated the Ceasefire agreement signed between the two parties to the conflict in Western Sahara (Frente POLISARIO and Morocco) by sending military forces through three routes east of the illegal breach in Guerguerat to Sahrawi civilians who were demonstrating peacefully in the areas since October 21.
The operation, which is considered a flagrant breach of the agreement, constitutes a direct attack against the Saharawi people, and places them and their national liberation movement, the Frente POLISARIO, in the position of legitimate defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the RASD.
The Sahrawi People's Liberation Army has begun to respond with the required firmness to this breach and to the hostile Moroccan march that deals a severe setback to the Ceasefire Agreement from its roots.
Frente POLISARIO and the Sahrawi Government hold the Kingdom of Morocco fully responsible for all the dangerous consequences of this attack on the security and stability of the region, and the future of the Peace Agreement that has been stalled for years due to the non-compliance with the referendum on self-determination, which is the only pact and agreement signed between the parties under the dual supervision of the United Nations and the African Union.SPS