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ECOCO expresses its solidarity with Sahrawi peaceful demonstrations in Guerguerat

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Brussels (Belgium) Oct 27, 2020 (SPS) -The Task Force of the Coordination of the European Committees in Support with the Sahrawi People (ECOCO) expressed its solidarity with the protesting Sahrawi civilians who, since last October 19, established a protest camp in Guerguerat, after a series of peaceful demonstrations along the Moroccan Wall of Shame.
The Task Force condemned the ongoing illegally occupation by the Moroccan army of parts of Western Sahara since 1975, as well as against the aggressive actions of the Rabat regime to plunder natural resources and obstruct the United Nations peace plan supervised by the United Nations.
the team has voiced, in its release,  its support to the choice of the Sahrawi people to protest peacefully to express disappointment and frustration accumulated over 30 years of unfulfilled promises by the international community, in particular the United Nations Security Council, represented in organizing a referendum Self-determination in Western Sahara.
It has also called on the Security Council to listen to the legitimate demands of the Sahrawi demonstrators and to work to confront the flagrant violation in the illegal breach in Guerguerat which the Moroccan occupation used to exploit and to plunder the natural resources of Western Sahara. SPS