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ISACOM warns of Moroccan authority’s intention to launch arrests and harassment campaign against its members

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Occupied Aaiun, Sept 30, 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi Commission against Moroccan Occupation has warned, in a statement, Wednesday, against the physical targeting of its members by the Moroccan occupation authorities on Tuesday after Moroccan media and parties launched a chauvinist incitement campaign against the Commission since its inception on September 20 in the occupied city of Aaiun.
In its statement, the Commission condemned the chauvinist campaign launched by electronic pages and Moroccan party newspapers during the last period inciting the Moroccan authorities against the members of the Commission, headed by its president, Mrs. Aminatou Haidar.
It called on the international community to "intervene to prevent further deterioration of the human rights situation in Western Sahara," warning "of the results of the escalation campaign against the Sahrawi militants opposing the Moroccan occupation, especially as it began to take the direction of preparing for arrests in ISACOM´s ranks in order to retaliate against them before mock courts."SPS