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Constitutive conference of the “Saharawi Organ Against the Moroccan Occupation” calls from occupied El Aaiun to the quick decolonisation of Western Sahara

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El Aaiun (Saharawi Republic) 20 September 2020 (SPS)- The Constitutive Conference of the “Saharawi Organ Against the Moroccan Occupation” was held Today in the city of El Aaiun, the occupied capital of the Saharawi Republic, under the name "Conference of Martyr Mohamed Abdel Aziz", calling for a quick decolonisation of Western Sahara.
Held under the slogan "Unity, persistence and struggle, to resist the occupation", despite the usual Moroccan repression against any Saharawi initiative that defends Saharawi peoples fundamental rights, the founding conference was chaired by Sahrawi militant, Mohamed Salama Hamiya, who delivered an opening speech urging all Saharawis to join forces in order to confront the Moroccan occupation.
The works of the congress continued with the projection of a documentary about Martyr Mohamed Abdelaziz, followed by the discussion of the documents proposed by the preparing committee, mainly a guiding framework and a statute for the Organ, both approved by the participants.
The Conference elected its General Assembly, consisted of 33 members, in addition to the election of the Sahrawi human rights defender, Ms. Amintou Haidar, as President of the new Organ, along with the election of an Executive Bureau consisting of six members, while the militant Mohamed Salama Hamiya, was appointed by the participants as the Honorary Chairman of the Organ, for his steadfast struggle against the colonisation of his country since the seventies.
The Conference issued its Founding Communiqué, of which SPS received a copy, announcing the commitment of the participants “to defending the Saharawi people’s rights to freedom, independence and dignity through legitimate non-violent means as stipulated in international frameworks and the African Charter for Human and People’s Rights based on the protection of all civil, political, economical, social and cultural rights.”
The participants also expressed their rejection of “all dubious proposals by Morocco and other local and international parties, which do not ensure and guarantee the exercise by the Saharawi people of their inalienable, imprescriptible and ineluctable right to self-determination.”
They further condemned “the current continued stalemate given that the MINURSO is a United Nation’s mission with the mandate to finalize the decolonization of Western Sahara as Africa’s last colony, and should not turn into a protection platform for the occupation.”
In this regards, they stressed “the Saharawi people’s right to exercise sovereignty over all their homeland as enshrined in international and continental treaties and norms, in particular the relevant United Nations and African Union’s resolutions and the 1975 International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on Western Sahara.”
To this end, they called upon “United Nations and the African Union to immediately intervene to halt the systematic and illegal exploitation of natural resources in Western Sahara by the occupying authorities, as well as multinational companies, countries and other entities responsible for the plunder with the Moroccan regime.”
They also called upon “the United Nations, the African and European Union, and other international and continental bodies, to maintain humanitarian aid to Saharawi refugees who have been suffering displacement and exile from their land since 1975 due to the crimes committed by the Moroccan occupation, as well as the United Nations’ failure to fulfil its promise and commitment to decolonize their occupied country.” (SPS)
090/500/60 (SPS)
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