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Saharawi army detains 4 drug traffickers in SADR liberated Territories

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Agüenit (Liberated Areas), April 01, 2020 (SPS) – A unit of The Saharawi army has detained 4 traffickers and seized 3,600 kilograms of hashish according to the Ministry of Defense of the Sahrawi Democratic Republic in the Seventh Military Region, in the liberated area of ​​Agüenit,
Within the framework of the actions of the National Liberation Army in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking in the region, a unit of the Seventh Military Region has detained 4 traffickers and seized 3,600 kilograms of hashish, in the liberated area of ​​Agüenit,
Two 4x4 vehicles, Kalashnikov (AK 47) model assault rifles and a significant amount of ammunition have also been seized. Ministry´s statement reveals
The Saharawi army has denounced that the drug traffickers had crossed the Moroccan military wall that divides the territory of the Saharawi Republic, which shows the intention of the Moroccan occupation regime to flood the Saharawi liberated areas and the region with drugs and organized crime gangs, expressing that the National Liberation Army is prepared and deployed along the entire wall of occupation to face all the criminal gangs supported by the Moroccan regime.SPS