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“Moroccan unilateral initiative does not change the political or legal nature of Western Sahara": Abdulah Arabi

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Madrid (Spain), April 01, 2020 (SPS) - The Saharawi representative to Spain, Abdulah Arabi, has expressed the maximum opposition of the Frente POLISARIO to the unilateral approval or publication of  Moroccan new laws of  territorial waters in its official, directly transgressing the borders of Western Sahara and Spain.
Abdulah Arabi has warned that "the unilateral approval or publication in its official bulletin by Morocco does not change the political and legal nature of Western Sahara."
In line, the Sahrawi Diplomat has once again recalled that "Western Sahara continues to be a territory pending decolonization, illegally occupied by Morocco, as established by the resolutions of the international organizations and acknowledging the judgments of the Justica court of the European Union, which determine that Western Sahara is a distinct and separate territory from Morocco. "
In the midst of an international health crisis caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus, Morocco has taken advantage of the state of alarm in neighboring countries to take a new step in its expansionist adventure in the region. The choice of time to make the news public, adds the Sahrawi official, "shows that they do not know how current Morocco is on the international stage."SPS