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Sahrawi News Agency celebrates its 21st anniversary

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Shaheed Al-Hafed, 29 March 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi News Agency, Sahara Press Service (SPS), on Sunday celebrated its 21st anniversary, at a time when the Sahrawi people and the world are going through major challenges in confronting the emerging pandemic of Coronavirus.
In addition to keeping up with these developments, the Sahrawi News Agency continues its war alongside the Sahrawi people, to confront the conspiracies of the Moroccan occupation and its frenzied war on the Sahrawi people. It is committed to "credibility, responsibility and professionalism" in order to communicate information to the recipient in a timely manner. It continues to expose the violations of the Moroccan regime of human rights in Western Sahara and its crimes against activists of the independence uprising.
Like other Sahrawi media, the Sahrawi News Agency aims to promote the national media work to keep pace with all developments, especially the great cause of the Sahrawi people who are struggling to regain their inalienable right to self-determination and independence, which the Moroccan occupier, with the complicity of some major powers, still denies it, despite the recognition of this right by the international community and the African Union since the 1960s.
The Sahrawi news agency was established on 29 March 1999 and its news is published in Arabic, Spanish, French, English and Russian. (SPS)